Toyota Lean Academy programme

Are you in the beginning of your lean journey or do you simply prefer to be introduced to the key areas of lean one by one in a sequential programme? Then the lean academy programme is the right one for you.

By using this approach, you will have time to deeply grasp the content of each area introduced and see the results develop in your own environment as the programme is delivered in your premises. The programme contains 10 modules, including initial assessment and top management training, with the content representing the heart of lean thinking. The programme will run for 1 year (or longer if requested), with an introduction of each module following the structure below:

  1. Theoretical introduction – Background, purpose, application and problem to solve
  2. Gemba workshop – Practical application of the subject in a pilot area chosen by the customer
  3. Road map – Draw the plan for the implementation of the next module and follow up

Depending of the size of the operations to cover, the programme focuses either on one selected area at the customer site or the full operation if small enough to be handled as one. We will conclude the programme with the same assessment we conducted when we started the project. This way we can follow up and compare the progress made to the initial situation, grading the result with bronze, silver or gold level. As a result, you will receive a diploma of the level reached. The result is valid for one year and can be annually reviewed and renewed through a reassessment.

Just like the rest of the offer, the lean academy programme requires high and strong participation to reach success. The programme will therefore be governed by a steering committee with members both from the customer and the Toyota Lean Academy to ensure the best possible composition of the implementation team.

If you wish to receive more information about this module, or simply get in contact with one of the lean experts, please fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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