Toyota genuine parts

Always open parts shop for the always-moving fleet

Toyota Genuine Parts

Why compromise by choosing other parts if you can maintain a truck that is 100% Toyota?

Quality guaranteed

Genuine parts from Toyota are developed according to the same standards as all our Toyota trucks, so you can rest assured that all parts offer the same quality, reliability and safety: they’re an exact fit to our forklifts. Explore Toyota Parts Shop an official online shop for all the spare parts and accessories your forklifts need

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Man handling parts in storage

Maximise your uptime

  • All parts are tested in the same conditions your trucks will be working in
  • Extended lifetime of your equipment
  • Boosting productivity and performance of your operations

Genuine parts are built to be durable and risk-free, minimising any chance of breakdown during your operations. They are designed to perform the same tasks the trucks are produced for, lasting longer and not wearing out quickly, for maximum uptime of your fleet.

Parts box in foreground and service technician in background

Always available, close to you

The parts on all our trucks are available throughout the network, guaranteeing a fast response time. Our technicians will always use genuine parts, and are trained to service them with expertise.

Service technician servicing a Toyota truck

Toyota Service

With our packages you can tailor your service to your business, no matter the size.

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Toyota Service Concept

We express our passion for service with the Toyota Service Concept, a structured approach to optimise our services.

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Toyota Production System

We apply lean manufacturing to our production and work according to a pull system, which means we only produce what you order.

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Manager looking at I_Site on iPad

I_Site fleet management

I_Site connects your fleet, collects the data and gives you an overview of what’s happening and tells you how to optimise your operation.

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