The new BT Levio LWI160 with unique modular Lithium-ion design from Toyota

The new BT Levio LWI160 powered pallet truck from Toyota Material Handling is the first ever pedestrian-operated truck that has been designed around a modular lithium-ion battery concept, making the truck very compact, light and energy-efficient, setting new standards in the industry.

"Our new LWI160 is the most compact truck in its class offering a very wide and flexible energy solution within one optimised machine size setting the new benchmark" says Fredrik Nilsson, Product Manager Warehouse Trucks at Toyota Material Handling Europe.

Design award for unique modular approach

In a perfect example of Toyota's core philosophy of continuous improvement (kaizen) in practice, Toyota Material Handling has been thinking out of the box to optimise the BT Levio li-ion LWI160, and came up with a revolutionary and innovative new design of the powered pallet truck. The LWI160 is the first ever low-lifter in the industry to have gone through a complete redesign approach. Rethinking and optimising the entire layout of the truck by removing the traditional battery tank allowing an optimal fit of all components. Thanks to its built-in lithium-ion battery and telematics as standard, the high-quality, compact design has been awarded with the 2020 iF design award, an important recognition from the iF jury for Toyota's first design with unique lithium-ion approach. This is just the start of a new era allowing Toyota to build further on the same approach, optimising future designs even more to offer customers an even better solution for their material handling operations.

Improved energy efficiency

The new BT Levio Li-ion model from Toyota is a very compact machine, which is smaller and lighter without compromising on performance and bringing energy efficiency to a next level. The BT Levio LWI160, 24v offers flexible energy solutions. It comes with three battery capacities: 50, 105 and 150 Ah Li-ion, and offers easy and fast charging procedure as well as customised energy solutions depending on customer needs.
Customers have the choice between external charging, in-built charging or on-board lorry charging with a wide range of charger capacities. A new improved external charger connector is available with a push-in connection without the need of a 'jumper', bringing ever more efficiency in the workplace.

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